Transfer a program chia

How can I transfer a program chia From hard disk C to hard disk F ?

please help

If there is a correct way to install a program chia on hard disk F

Please explain it to me

Waiting for your reply

program chia Still Syncing 129,216/2,065,157

Here is the answer: Blockchain db grows 207MB per day - #49 by rfc2324

Thank you dear, now I see this message

Still don’t understand why people bother to set symlinks for this.

You can just change the path to the database in the config file.

  1. Close Chia.
  2. move db file to new location.
  3. edit config.yaml, change the db path to the new location
  4. start Chia
  5. Done.

Really just buy a bigger disk and make life easy on yourself!!!

You made a mistake.
C:\Users\DeskTop - is your home directory.
Within that directory, chia software creates a directory named .chia - so fully qualified path would be C:\Users\DeskTop\.chia

Based on the screenshot, you created a directory C:\Users\DeskTop.chia

Just asking why someone would want a username as DeskTop? Seems like issues waiting to happen down the road.