Transfer from HPool to Solo

I did a few searches and couldn’t find a clear answer so here goes:

I am plotting using the Hpool plotter and was wondering if anyone has started farming those plots solo after plotting with Hpool. Can I just use the same plots for solo farming after turning off Hpool farming? I am interested more in the process than the theoretical

let me put it this way, if you rented out your house to a total stranger and gave them your keys then after a few weeks later you decided to move back in so you tell them, you have to leave, how safe would you feel if you can’t change your locks,

as for plots created with hpool app as long as the official gui recognises and passes their filters your good to go. just don’t be shocked if your wallet ever gets hacked

what stopping you from testing this anyway, just don’t farm at hpool while your testing with the official gui


Why wouldn’t you just point your farming rewards at another wallet? No risk.


I understand the risks involved but I love the analogy.

What is stopping me from testing is being banned by HPool

Sorry I was not clear on the rationale for this. I may get to a total plot size where farming solo makes sense and I want to avoid HPools supposed “hidden fee”

Sorry i miss understood i thought you wanted to leave hpool and solo farm using the plots you made with their app.
i am not clear on hpools t&c as far as i know your not allowed to farm on both chia gui and hpool at the same time, that’s why they banned a bunch of people.

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Just stopp the HPool miner and move the plots towards Chia Farmer/Harvester. You can switch between both setups in minutes. Just ensure that the same plot is not used in parallel. You might just wait until the HPool miner is show offline on their website.
Regarding the wallet the situation is not changing so any value on the wallet given to HPool is potentially unsecure.