Transfer sync bloks to new PC

Hi, please advice on syncing.

I have two pcs (two full nodes):

  1. PC1 (linux) - Synchronization is finally complete
  2. PC2 (windows) - Synchronization is at the beginning

Can I somehow transfer synchronized blocks from PC1 from the other already synchronized PC2?

As far as it goes, where can I find the data on PC1 (linux) and where should I copy it in PC2 (windows)?

Thank you

You can try copying .chia/mainnet/db/blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite over but I’m not sure how compatible they are between machines. Make sure to shut down the GUI on both machine first.

There compatible if both are running the same version. I’ve done it on a few of mine (Still no full sync though). Chia application needs to be completely shut down on both machine before you do so.

Always make a backup just in case though.

Try this

Good luck!

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