Transition to filter 256 in June 2024

does this means that we have to re-plot in June?

The farming capacity for plot filter 256 is half that of 512. Chia is expected to transition to filter 256 in June 2024.

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Only if ur plots are too hard for ur GPU, if ur compressed that is… otherwize just :cold_face: ur GPU cause things could get 2 :fire:. :rofl:


The Chia 2.0 hard fork will happen in ~15 days from now, on approximately June 13th. This means you need to be running version 2.1.0 or higher. But more importantly it will reduce the plot filter from 512 to 256, which essentially doubles your GPU load for compressed plots. If you don’t have enough capacity to handle that, your farm will go offline, due to GPU overload.
There are a few things you can do to combat this:

  • Remove some drives, to lower your farm size
  • Add more GPUs / Upgrade GPUs
  • For C19-C33, increase partial difficulty to recommended level, see “Difficulty” column in the chart below.
  • Replot to a lower compression level, like from C20 to C29, or from C19 to C18, etc
  • Switch from CPU farming to GPU (in case of C7 and lower)


Maybe you could redo that table to show GPUs for 256 filter? Also, as c0-c7 may need to use GPU, maybe k2200 should be there, at least for those lower compression levels?

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How can i say this? K. I appreciate the massive effort that has gone into gigahorse but I don’t get the lack of care. Ok, maybe this is a minority website with a fairly toxic environment but how much effort does it take to update us on the current state of the ecosystem?
So, like jacek doesn’t say…moree updateees pleeeaseez!

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We’ve been talking about this for a year now I think. But yeah should have posted it sooner here, only did it on discord.

Thanks for the information

Here’s the new chart for plot filter 256, effective starting on June 13th:

(max farm size is cut in half)


Thanks for the information.

How can I run this test with a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060-12gb card??

Based on performance stats… subtract about 22% from (or multiply x.78) to the 3060Ti numbers and you’ll have a decent approximation.