Trezor? Ledger? Any hardware wallet?

It looks like Trezor and Ledger still don’t support Chia. Is there another reputable hardware wallet, or does anyone have insight when Trezor or Ledger will support Chia?

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No. none available and no actual ETA on one adding it. Many of us have submitted requests to Ledger but no real response.

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Nucle app. It’s endorsed by chia themselfs. Great cold wallet

Neat wallet, but not a cold wallet.

A hardware wallet is the only way to truly secure your Chia. The Chia team agrees, it’s now how they secure the 21M XCH prefarm.

I meant cold wallet as in off chain.
Something cryptographically different.

But your right not entirely :ice_cube: cold

But That’s Interesting.
Update if u determine a solid solution that’s also openly endorsed by the chia team.

Wish it was as simple as formatting a usb with a special chia image that accepts the currency.
And holds it off chain only redeemable thru a synced client and a very long hex key tied to the usbs uuid. And further encrypted with a password. to verify the usb corrects funds Just by plugging into client and click transfer- to the chain wallet or wherever.
I got this
I’ll take the job. For 5 chia. :joy:
Hit me up chia team💵

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