Trouble with 'send_transaction' API Endpoint


I have been running into a bit of a snag with the send_transaction method through the Chia API. Every time I try to send a transaction using the endpoint, I keep getting this error:

“error”: “Wallet needs to be fully synced before sending transactions”,
“success”: false

Thing is, my wallet’s all synced up and ready to roll. So, I’m a bit stumped. Any ideas why I might be getting this error even though my wallet’s good to go?

Would appreciate any troubleshooting tips !

Thanks a lot !

Thank you

I’ve seen this when the wallet has thousands of coins to sync. The wallet is synced but it is also always busy syncing.
My solution was to run full node too as that fixed the wallet issue. I had that problem over a year ago so I can’t remember much else about it

Hello@ BadgerStork

Thanks for your reply .

The wallet also randomly loses sync after sending a transaction… even with local trusted node.

And wait until you get a double spend failure :wink:

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