Troubleshooting Missing Plots After Moving Chia Farm to New System

Good afternoon, everyone. I’m facing an issue and am in need of assistance. I recently decided to relocate my main Chia farm to a new computer. To do this, I copied the folder from my old farm and transferred it to the new machine, then launched Chia and confirmed it was operational. However, I’ve encountered a problem: my newly created plots are not showing up in the plots tab, although my harvesters are displayed correctly and my pool is functioning. My question is, what could be going wrong? Could something have been damaged during the transition from the old to the new system, and how might I resolve this issue? Is starting over from scratch a possibility? Additionally, is there a way to retain my space pool statistics, such as tenure record, etc.? Thank you in advance for your help.

If your on a windows system and installed chia 2.1.4 on the new system and don’t run it yet. Copy the .chia and the .chia_keys folder to the new machine and you should be good. I also do backups of both of those folders to a portable hard disk for backups. if your on Linux some one else will have to jump in.

As for the pool statistics (pool experience, fee discounts, etc.), I don’t know if this is the case in all pools - but unless you change the pool, you will keep all the statistics.
There are pools where you can come back even after changing - they will take you back on the previous conditions - but you probably only have up to 24 hours.
The break time for e.g. changes in HW is arbitrary (within reason, of course - not 5 years…).

Thanks for answering, do I need to do something specific? Because I actually would like to start with a clean slate, and start plotting from scratch.
@drhicom I do have the keys somewhere on a hard drive. I assume it is the same principle but that is what I exactly did. The problem is when I plot new plots on the new farm they don’t appear in the GUI.

What type of plots did you make? If you made gigahorse plots you will only see them in the chia GUI if you start gigahorse first. And the config.yaml file holds your pool information. Thats why its so important to keep backup files.

@drhicom thanks for replying, my pool is operational that is not the issue, just newly created plots are not appearing in the GUI of the CHIA GUI.

The plots I created was with bladebit in the gui.

Which key did you use to make the new plots? Does that contract address show in the Pooling tab under one of your NFT’s?? Have to ask which version of Chia?? And you added the location of the new plots in the plots tab under directory management .

@drhicom q1: euhm good question, the ones that came with the copied dir? 2. What do you mean? 3. 2.1.4 4. yes!

Trying to remember if there were issues making bladebit plots in the gui. Can you hunt down the bladebit_cuda file and run it from cli and get the version??
When you made the plots in the GUI do you remember what the destination folder was?

I’ll do that in the morning, thanks for helping! The gui destination folder was /mnt/HDD1

So your running windows or linux???

Linux (Ubuntu) but that should not make much of a difference by the basic principles no?

I never ran the Chia GUI in linux. I have made only some plot at the prompt thats it, just to test.

My receiving wallet is working as I receive pool payouts, the only thing that does not seem to work is the plot creation.

If you make a plot from the command line and put it into the folder that the GUI knows about is it seen then?

going to try that now :slight_smile:

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good morning @drhicom so running plots through disk plot is working, but plots created in the gui with cuda is not.

Have you get harvesting compressed plots turned on? It’s in the settings/harvester tab.

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YOU ARE A GENIUS! That worked!

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Is there a way to optimise the harvester serviceS?