TruePool Updates | Interview with TruePool operator Kris Moore has had a fantastic launch in the first week of the new pool plotting becoming officially available.

We’re excited by all the new user participation in our official Discord channel and encourage everybody to join and stay connected with their fellow farmers. We’re also pleased to make available an update to our website that allows setting custom Leaderboard names for our members. A whole slew of updates to the website are in the works, and we encourage folks to keep sending in their ideas or pull-requests.

Our official docker image has been updated to Chia version 1.2.2, and also includes the latest versions of MadMax plotter and the new BladeBit plotter for those with large memory systems.

And finally, check out this interview with Kris Moore, one of TruePool’s operators:


Update: We’re on track to hit 1PB+ this weekend and we’re just shy of 200 active farmers.

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1PB and 200 farmers achievement unlocked!

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