"Trust-minimal" chia offers

I know a lot of chia development is going to trustless smart contracts and things like this. In some situations you need a minimal level of trust.


When buying off ebay you may not trust the seller but you trust ebay as the middleman. Ebay takes a commission for every sale as a middleman. this works really well as [very high number] transactions are done daily with [very low number relative to the previous number] of problems occur.

Here is how Chia corp could act as a force multiplier for something that would be a “world first” for crypto.

Take the ebay example but have a offer middleman’ed by a person both the parties trust. Lets say you want to do a buy through chiaforum, but dont trust the seller but do trust Chris2 from flexpool. There needs to be a way to create an offer w/ clawback support but only the middleman can trigger the clawback. Example: lets say both buyer and seller agreed to have Chris2 middleman for a 1% MM fee, then nothing was ever shipped and the seller ghosted, Chris2 could up to a specific block height do something to trigger the clawback function to refund the buyer. Alternatively if the buyer received the item and was happy, they need to be able to do something to make the coins un-clawbackable / totally complete before the terminating block height so the seller could do what they wish with the payment. If no one does anything by the terminating block height the funds become the sellers permanently.

There are a lot of cool things I could think of where you have a third party in a chia-offer.

You could have someone professionally middleman and make a business out of it by collecting 1% (or any number really) fees.

Cross chain nft sales with a nft marketplace as an arbiter (if the monkey jpeg doesnt arrive, etc)

DID’s to verify what third party you are giving arbitration powers over an offer.

The middleman’s terms could be encoded into a DID. Something like “I accept arbitrating offers up to x value for y fee with a 24 hour response time. I am ZZ person in AA community and here are my social proofs blablabla”

idk just a thought that came to me where sometimes you need to have at least one entity you trust to do something.

PS I wanted to go to keybase and talk but I forgot my keybase login. It was rallbright or robertallbright or something like that. Can I make a new one and join? I am a real person not a spammer but I dont want to have someone think I am making alts. I havent been able to use my keybase thing for > 3 months. I dont use keybase for anything else, so thats why I was not as careful as I should have been in remembering the password. I cannot figure out how to “reset” the password since I stupidly forgot to enter recovery stuff. Sorry!

I bought my main Chia rig off someone who was selling in Victoria on Chia Forum :smiley: I was a bit bad in that I backed out because XCH price dropped but he agreed to drop the price so I went for it.

Interesting thoughts. The implementation would be probably different from what you describe but cool idea.

What you describe sounds like an individual acting as an oracle. In this instance, the oracle provides information about whether the item was delivered or not.

This is just escrow, no?
Im not sure why you would want to do it on chain.
Its common practise for ppl to do this in crypto, once you have a mutual trusted party.
Escrow holds funds,no need for clawbacks, the escrow decides if it should be paid out or refunded.

If you did want to do it on chain youd just use a 2 of 3 sigs required, where one must be the escrow.

Surely this is something for someone to code into a smart contract, and not something to try to push devs into including in main software.

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Im not super knowledgeable about coding but its good to hear that it is easy to do outside of offers.