Two HP Z620 for sale

Two HP Z620 for sale. Philadelphia area. $360 each.

HP Z620 Dual CPU. 192 GB memory (12 slot 16GB each slot). All hard drive trays present. Power supply has 6 pin power plug for cuda GPU (tested working for GPU).

Come with a whatever video card for boot/display.

One has dual Xeon E5-2650v2. One has dual Xeon E5-2660v2. Ubuntu Mad Max CPU plot time is about 30 minutes (with fast Samsung 970 evo).

No hard drive no nvme. I can leave Ubuntu system drive in there. It has Win7 COA and can legally upgrade to Win10, but I think you don’t care about it.

are you out? why is that?

Accumulated many “plotter” over two years.

Ten HP Z
Four Dell
All Xeon things.

Also for sale

Two HP Z420 for sale. Philadelphia area. $260 each.

HP Z420. Xeon E5-2696v2. OEM CPU for Apple. Fastest v2 Xeon.

128GB (8x16GB). Mad Max CPU plot speed is 40 some minutes.

All HDD trays present. Come with a whatever video card for boot/display.

Power supply has 6 pin power plug for cuda GPU.

Single CPU. Win10 friendly. No need to learn Linux for dual CPU.

add 128gb +gpu and you have 165 second plot times (z420/z620, does not matter)

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I do have a Z620 (single CPU) 256GB. 1080 GPU. 5-6 minutes plot.

Your 165 sec plot needs 3060 GPU, cost maybe $300.

so? was just pointing out that these things are awesome plotting machines. I picked up a used 3070 for 250€ (mining card, just needed a repaste and pad replacement) and put it in my Z620 with 8x32GB RAM.

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Thanks. I think 3070 GPU for 250C is very good price, considering 1C = 1$ now. Don’t see $250 can buy a 3070 here.

New BB Cuda with SSD buffer came out, yes? 128GB memory + nvme + GPU, fast?

I think this is a good option. We don’t plot 24x7x365.

if you have 1 gbit network connection (minimum) i can hire server from you for plotting.

Yah, gigabit networks are pretty much standard nowadays. Upload can be 5TB a day. My daily production can be 100TB if I fire up all those old Xeon dudes.

so lets calculate it. you want 360 usd per plotter.
if you are going to hire it for plotting you only pay extra power cost.
lets check your income.
i can pay 0.04 per plot file.
if you generate 10 tb per day you will receive 120 usd monthly. if you generate plot files 100 tb /day you will receive 1200 usd monthly. in real life i dont belive its possible. too big data.
i am afirad i dont know your power cost but if we say 20 usd for power cost. you will receive 300 usd profit in 3 months.
why you want sell it? =)
i am serious by the way. if you interested with that math feel free contact me.

gigabit upload is 10TB a day theoratically.

It will be luckly to send 5TB a day if everything goes right.

that information make your roi around 6 months.
i am afirad this 5 tb pretty low amount for me.

Ask bros in this forum. How many of them really care about ROI now?

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ROI, what’s that :wink:

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Return of Investment

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Notice the wink, I knew exactly what it means :slight_smile: I just knew someone would post what it is, and miss the sarcasm.

Whilst I would like ROI it is and I suspect will be none existent for long time.