Type - Non Transaction block?

has anybody more information about this type of blocks?
i hit a block but i got no reward.

spacescan says:

Non Transaction block

Date & Time


Amount Transferred
Non transaction block

Non transaction block

Signage Index

Block Reward
Farmer 0.25 XCH / Pool 1.75 XCH


Non transaction block

edit: ok now 15h later i got the 0.25 chia reward

Id guess a block that didnt have any transactions in it.
No sent coins on the chain.

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yes after some investigation i found many of this blocks, but the 0.25 reward after 15h later was a other block i found so the reward for the block before i got no reward :frowning:

Is it still on the chain or did it get wiped in a block re org?

spacepool say i won this block and spacescan say it was a k34 plott (99% of my plots are k34) so i think it is correct, but i get no 0.25 reward. i have 3 full nodes at different locations (and IPs) and in all 3 there was no 0.25 chia reward transaction.
about 15h later i hit a other block this time i got the 0.25 reward like all the time before. i m all the time in the pool and never left spacepool since the start of my farming.

its only 0.25 chia but i hope it will not happend again :-/