Ubuntu - Cannot update Chia

Hi All,

I cannot update my Chia on Ubuntu,
It is installed, working, synced, etc. but I have to upgrade to the latest version.
I cannot follow the instructions on wiki, because I cannot find “chia-blockchain” or “chia-blockchain-gui” folder, or actvate or anything.
I don’t know how to update

Could you please help me in this ?

Thanks in advance

how did you install chia exactly? using apt? if so all you need to do is run a simple
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
in a terminal

also in a terminal you can run “chia-blockchain” this will open chias gui.

Simply with a downloaded .deb file

manual install:
wget https://download.chia.net/latest/x86_64-Ubuntu-gui
sudo dpkg -i chia-blockchain_1.8.2_amd64.deb

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Works well, thank you so much!