UK Big Farm with raw 1.7PB Space / £9 per TB

Dear fellows… Selling whole chia farm with 4 x SuperMicro CSE-847servers, each server with following specs:
4U with total 36 bays
2 x Intel Xeon Twelve-Core E5-2690 v3 128GB DDR3 Memory
1 x 24-Bay 3.5" SAS Front Backplane
1 x 12-Bay 3.5" SAS Rear Backplane Motherboard X9DRi-LN4F+ rev 1.20A
1 x Adaptec ASR-71605 SAS/SATA 6Gb/s RAID Controller + Battery
2 x 1400W Power Supplies
6 x Seagate Exos 8TB
10 x WD HC530 14TB
20 x WD HC520 12TB

I have plotted using another server with RAM disk so HDD are not used for plotting. Servers are powerful so you can run higher compression plots (>2PiB). My current plots are standard non-compressed and can arrange compressed plots. I am selling whole farm at once, can’t do separate orders. Delivery for free in Uk, get in touch for more info.

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your farm sucks, your prices are too high, and thanks to brexit we get to pay another 21% on top of that

try again kiddo

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muhahaha… right. That’s what they have now ^^

And the good one can’t calculate either. Or an entry is missing.

So my computer says 428 GB nominal. Of these, some GB are not usable. Estimated to be around 400GB.

But one statement cannot be missing:

20+10+6 is exactly 36.
“Math ace” or scammer ?

Dude, multiply that 428 by the 4 servers…

Learn to read.

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Indeed, math checks out.

Uuuuppppsssss… I have not read that

I struggle with Brexit and customs too… UK officially declared that Brexit failed :frowning:

I can switch 8TB with 14TB to have more TB in total…

Dumping the price to £8 per TB… this is just plug and farm :slight_smile:

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$10 per TB is very reasonable and free delivery. This is much cheaper if you want to create farm from scratch by using recyclers.

Not sure why there is no interest. I guess farming in Europe is not profitable.


Because that’s a lot of money to shell out on a system that will be expensive to run, I suspect very few people want or have that money to spend on a gamble, both hardware wise and XCH price wise.

Sell batches of drives and the OP may have some takers, myself I would not entertain anything less than 16TB in size, preferably higher if I was expanding.


In random order of thoughts :

  • The price per tb is ok but not great given the size of the drives
  • The watt/tbe is not good for disks below 16tb
  • The market for Chia is still trending down-ish

But I would still buy it if I was new to Chia and felt like making a good first-purchase : it’s definitely better than external HDD setups I see for sale here usually.

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But if you was new to Chia would you really be willing to spend circa £13,600 on a farm?

I expect there is very few people willing to do that.

There are a lot of people who want to start with a Pib or more. Not much here but you can see plenty of examples on Discord.

Probably former eth miners looking for something else.

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What discord? I still have several PiB I’d like to unload

The official Discord channel :smiley: Chia Network