[UK] farm to sell,capacity: 3456TB. internal ship free. £5 per TB

We are seeking to sell our Chia farm in the UK, which covers different modes from HP DLP G8 to CES-848X X10QB4. Please find the details below.
Free delivery is available within the UK, and would love to share shipping fees if you are outside of the UK.
Notice that we could accept Cash, crypto, and bank transfers as payment.
Face-to-face exchange is also welcomed.

Leave your question, and I will answer as much as I could until all machines are sold out.
Here is my Telegram ID if you want a quicker response:
teltegram: ( @audreyweb3 )
As a new user, I could only upload 1 picture, let me know if you want to see others.

seems like I could upload more pictures here in the comment:)

Sent DM, please take a look

Sorry so late in seeing this.

Do you still have the 12 x 12TB DL380s?

Hey, I’m interested in buying everything. Please add me on whatsapp / viber / telegram +370 607 28892 (LTU)