Unable to find July 2021 plots after reinstalling chia app

Hi, my plots were created in July 2021, and I stopped mining in August 2022. Can they still be used now?

I reinstalled the official chia app and am currently syncing. I also added the path to the plots, but I don’t see them in the GUI.
When I use the command chia plots check -g e:\poolplots\, I get ‘Found 0 valid plots, total size 0.00000 TiB.’
The interface is different from two years ago. Did I add them incorrectly?


Check your config.yaml file, and verify that the directory (or directories) listed is correct.

How did you add the directories? Via a Chia command? Via the GUI? Via notepad on config.yaml?

If you did it manually, via notepad (or some other text editing program), then you might have made a type-o. Even leaving out the proper spacing, preceding the name of the directory, will foul things up. And there should be a leading “-” symbol, too.

I suggest that you use either the GUI to add a directory, or use:

chia plots add -d e:\poolplots

That will insert the directory, with proper spacing, etc, to exactly where it needs to be within your config.yaml file. Once you have that in place, you can do the rest manually, using the good entry as a guide (or just continue using the GUI or the command line to add your plot directories).

Most likely you used a different wallet to create those plots. Once you reinstalled chia, you just added the latest wallet (mnemonics) (that you are being paid to) thus those plots don’t match that wallet, as such are being ignored.