Under-Reporting on Pool of 2.2.1 Bladebit Cuda Plots C7

12 Core AMD Farmer with 128gb RAM and RTX3090

I have an effective space of 780 TiBi reported within the GUI client using all C7 plots on 2.2.1. My pool is showing 690 TiB

I notice I have insufficient Partials showing of 3.2% in the GUI, which seems to be a ‘‘feature’’ of compressed plots, but I would expect then at least 780 TiBi Less 3.2% to show on the pool = 755 TiBi

Does anyone else see similar behaviour or have any suggestions to resolve ?

Thanks All.

My effective space constantly floats up and down, but if I look at 30 days it is pretty much spot on.

Same here. 3.000 c7 bb plots but spacepool reports 226.4 TiB. Should be 300 TiB!! Insufficient partials max 2 % in windows gui, pool shows 100 % valid partials. Generally I see a fluctuation but after halving, fluctuation percentage is higher.