Understanding Evergreen's Shift from C3/C5 to C29 Compression in their Chia Kits

Dear All,

Evergreen’s recent updates to their Chia Kits which they sell have introduced some intriguing changes in their compression technologies, moving from C3 to C5, and now jumping to C29. I have a couple of specific questions about these changes that I hope people can help with:

Question 1:
The lightweight Hubs v2/v3 previously handled C3 and C5 CPU Farming effectively, as illustrated in the graphic I’ve referenced. Now, with the move to C29 compression, how will these exact same hubs be capable of managing C29 farming / decompression? My understanding is that compression levels above C7 require more powerful GPU and RAM for this. How will this be achieved with this existing hardware alone?

Question 2:
Regarding the compression algorithms, for C3 and C5 Plots, it seemed, in my opinion, that Bladebit, which carries no developer fees, was previously used? With the switch to C29 compression, is Evergreen now using madMax Gigahorse, which includes a 1.562% CPU developer fee or a 3.125% GPU developer fee? What are your thoughts or insights on this compression algorithm in use for C29 Plots? Will this change be compatible with the renewed emphasis on a hard fork that is currently being discussed and slated to be implemented for the end of the year?

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise!

What are people’s thoughts?

I hope somebody else chimes in (JON), If you took a PC with a GPU and ran recompute server that would solve this issue maybe. But then that changes the whole scheme of things correct??

Also why offer colors, its Evergreen not EverBlue or Everyellow… :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


I can’t answer the question either, but you do need a GPU for c29.

Be interesting to know how they get around that one.

They are developing a fast farmer, but I’m sure that still needs a GPU.

Thats why Lebanon Jon , needs to jump in and answer the question… :+1:

There is a website about fast-farmer plus g.h. at https://fastfarmer.io/

The question still is how are these C29 plots being handled? These look neat little Raspberry PI don’t know which model. How do they handle the recompute?

In the faq it says remote compute is supported
Edit : I am on foxypool, so I don’t really care atm

I can’t find the faq to read, only this at the top of the page

I’m on Foxypool also…

I think the only way this would work is to use remote decompress which Fast Farmer supports. I think JM did a video on this recently.

As far as I know C29 is GH3 and that has a fee unlike BB C levels so something to consider.

When you mention a fee on GH side in such comparison, it may also be prudent to mention the respective netspace gains, as otherwise it looks like you are comparing identical solutions, what is apparently not the case.

GH is just one of number of high compression solution and the OP specifically asked about the fees so replying to that question. Don’t over analyze everything.

In case of Evergreen, the only compressions at play are GH and BB (as that is what GH fast-farmer will support), so you don’t need to muddy the water talking about the general case (still, the same thing will apply).

If you want to push your own POV, just say so instead of pretending to be fair in your comparison.

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