United Small Farmers

Hi All,

I am looking for few people, that want to Unite and try to farm Chia together (I don’t want to waste plots I made) and honestly I feel like normal pooling will be available on July. I have several ideas to authenticate, also we can have some kind of daily calls to just discuss where we are and maybe meet each other a little bit :stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t matter what is Your size now - if You still plotting - let’s talk!

Pm pls, if You are interested.


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how to mine together,can you explain litle more?

I’m at 230 mark (I have some K33s, 1 or 2 K44(s)), still plotting daily.
So, you want to farm together, that is fine.
The problem is: I don’t want to replot with anyone’s keys. And nobody would want to replot with my keys (I don’t want that either).
In the end, even we farm “together”, we’ll be farming with own separate keys. (=which changes ABSOLUTELY nothing)

If your idea is something different than that, discuss it here, please, we would listen.

It is impossible to do this, because it would take days to replot all the space in a new pool address

Well, I thought, that without official pools there is no need to replot already plotted plots. If I understand correctly it is not possible. My bad :frowning:

What no one has yet proposed is a trust reinforcing system to allow unofficial pools to operate without risk of under-declaration of winnings or someone stealing everyone’s XCH.

How about each member giving their private keys to a lawyer or accountant, their job would be to audit the pool members and would receive a fee for the work.

I’m not sure this works, just brainstorming.

I don’t such a system is practical given that everyone joins with plots associated with keys in the individual’s possession. It only puts innocent people at risk of not receiving the share of rewards they deserve because whoever wins a block could just immediately transfer the funds.

A trusted system like that of hash mining pools can be achieved quite easily with the help of some technical insight and coding skills, like what Hpool has done.

Yeah, but auditing would show that key had transferred the XCH- it’s in the blockchain.
You would have to put up some sort of deposit which you get back with your rewards, and by the time you have it back you’ve earned the trust of the group. It’s not worth losing $500 to steal $800.

Why not using API Key, like Hpool does?

Well, I’m pretty curious how does it work technically on hpool.

Hpool is flawed. Yes, they have complex checks in place to check if your plots are still valid, and you also have to hand over your private key to Hpool to prevent cheating. Even with these measures, people still find ways to circumvent Hpool, for example they farm solo with the plots at the same time as reporting to Hpool to get a share of the pool rewards while not contributing (immediately sending out your winnings), or they inflate their numbers with fake plots to get a higher reward amount.

Yea, but maybe the question is: how they can farm on my plots with my private key? If I would take You my private key, would You be able to add my plots to Your farm somehow?

You can send them plots made with your key for them to farm without exposing your key, but they cannot make plots with your key without knowing your private key. Additionally, they would have to trust you not to run with the funds.

So basically, am I understand correctly - if You would send me your private key I could:

  1. Add it somehow to my farming account
  2. Farm Your plots (based on Your machines) on my farmer account

Am I understand correctly?

I am pretty sure you can plot for a public address without exposing its private key.

Look under the section Plots/create: CLI Commands Reference · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

Yes. You have full access to wallets that you have the private keys to.

Tell you what. As long as you have immediate file access to the plots you have the private keys to, whether it’s remote or local, you can farm those plots.


20 from chia.wallet.derive_keys import master_sk_to_local_sk
23 class HarvesterAPI:
24 harvester: Harvester
26 def init(self, harvester: Harvester):

well if we have an app like hpool to generate our api key, I think we can do like it.

so we dont need to tell our private key

So summing up - good developer could easily do the pool like hpool… Well, good developer, if You are here - we need You - I can help with less expertise work like pages, marketing etc :smiley:

Yes I think you can create the plot using another public key, but I think you still need the private key for farming because you need to sign your proofs to the network.

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