Unlimited Mass Storage - Cloud mining CHIA

Hello my name is Arthur. I am a developer and founder of the site UMS.PW. I live in a village in Russia where electricity costs kWh 0.041$. I was lucky to farm 64 coins, with this money I bought a huge number of hard drives. I made a cloud mining site and am still developing it. By the way, I’m looking for mobile and php programmers, =) if interested, write to us info@ums.pw. I took this project very seriously and this is not an advertisement, but a request to tell me about my wishes.

At the moment, we are selling capacity with ready-made plots, but in the near future I want to consider the possibility of selling capacity with the ability to pick up equipment.

What is the ideal cloud mining for you?

I apologize for my english. And also I want to remind you that this is not an advertisement, but a request to make the project better.

Arthur Valiev

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I doubt there is anybody left who would argue the benefit to cloud farming Chia. Renting cloud storage simply does not make financial sense for Chia farming.