Urgent Help Needed: My Chia Network Farm Hacked, Over 20 Coins Stolen!

Hello fellow Chia enthusiasts,

I am devastated to report that today, my Chia network farm was hacked, and I lost over 20 coins. I’m reaching out to this community in the hope that someone might be able to assist me in resolving this dire situation.

One of the addresses from which the transactions were sent is: xch1rqqcnq0dhhkzefmfrgvkydqwvkeyahsulcehqm8tw8mfe26g3djqfxtknc

I am at a loss for words and feel helpless in the face of this unfortunate event. If anyone has any information or advice on how to recover my lost Chia coins or track down the perpetrator, please share it here.

Your support and guidance in this challenging time would mean the world to me. Let’s come together as a community to help one another.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Best regards, Benny

Sorry to hear you’ve had coins stolen, unfortunately there is no way to recover them, the best anybody can do is help you work out how someone got access to your coins.

There seems to be a spate of these lately, but no answers . Some time ago there was another episode of wallets being emptied, that was traced to a block chain downloader software, which when run recovered the 24 words and sent them to the perpetrator, who at a later date emptied all the wallets. Have you ever run such software?

Have used any other software, checked for viruses, does anybody else have access to the computer, either remotely or physically?

If you can’t work out how the keys or wallet was accessed, then the best course of action is to wipe the PC, or be absolutely certain there is nothing untoward on it. Create a new wallet, and create new plots. Then create a cold wallet on a secure computer, and send your reward to that.

See also this thread for useful inflation.

Sorry for your loss, unless the thief grows a conscience and returns the coins they are gone forever.

yeah since cni have never heard of 2fa and dont give a damn thing for enduser’s wallets safity … meh

Hello Ivan,

maybe you should just stick to posting your simple questions which you could actually answer yourself if you would just read through the relase notes for the corresponding programs. But you are lucky that there are enough persistent forum participants here who will explain it to you, despite your laziness.

Well then, give me a few examples of original wallets with 2FA that are delivered with the blockchain and are not 3rd party. I am really very curious :smiley:
Apart from that, 2FA is absolutely useless if you don’t do it directly on the blockchain, because it will never protect you if someone has your 24 word seed.

There are certainly many things you can criticize about CNI, including security, but 2FA of the wallet is just not really.
so if you want to complain here conditionally you should maybe deal with the technology of a blockchain and chia, that would also have the advantage that no more unnecessary questions are asked by you here, so a WIN-WIN :slight_smile:

@Benny, sorry for ur lose, but it seems it its a personal problem of ur system and not a big security bug by chia, best is to restart komplett new (install system new, new 24 word seed & reploot)

have a nice day

I don’t see any example for an original 2FA wallet.

as I had already suspected only meaningless complaining. :smiley:


That’s such a funny comment.

You are so banned from any dinner party

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So, the only way the bad guy can get your XCH is mirroring a full node at a different computer?
To do so the bad guy needs the 24 words yes?

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They need either the 24 words, or access to the computer it’s running on, either physically or by software.

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