USB Hard Disk connections

Just asking to see how others have their hard disks setup. Is it better to connect some USB 3.0 hard disks to their farmer main node or to their harvesters?

I have it all on main node.
So long as its capable of handling the load why bother with harvesters.

USB controller has a limit. I think I’ve reached the limit. The 43rd disk is not connected. When I canceled the USB 2.0 controller, which I did not use anyway, the 43rd disk usb 3.0 was connected.

Do you have USB hubs on different USB ports?

1 sabrent 16 ports HB-PU16 connected (9 port 2,5" loaded). 1 orico PCIe 7 port fully loaded. 4 usb port mainboard back panel loaded. 15 pieces on seagate backup plus hubs usb panel 2 port usb all port loaded. complicated. total 43 external connected. And 20x sata connected. Totally 63 drives.

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Purely anecdotal, but my performance visibly increased when I removed all external drives from my local farmer/harvester, both USB and network, and moved them to my harvesters.

I have 12 separate systems all mining ethereum and raptoreum, so I have distributed all my chia capacity across these 12 systems, with only one full node and 11 harvesters. Not sure I’d be able to connect the number of disks I have to one system as it is architecturally now. They are a mixture of SATA, USB and SAS.

I also run a remote full node behind a different public IP on a gigabit fibre connection, so I can connect my harvesters to this if my local full node ever has sync issues. I also download plots from several providers to utilise this fast connection, and run a harvester here which reports to my local full node along with all my other plots. When the downloads are complete I simply move the disk from the remote location the the local location and add it to one of my harvesters.

Never had any performance issues.