Using Chia Faucets to verify wallet is working

Hello. I am currently setting up my Farm. I have already plotted some plots (at the moment not enough to have a realistic chance of gaining a chia). My Node as well as my walled say synced, so this should be fine.
What concerns me, is that I have entered my Address here:”” where I should become 0,0…1 XCH, but it does not show up in my wallet. So is there a possibility to check if every think is set up correctly. I have also locked at the logs. I sometimes get some Warnings and errors but I have googled them and they seem like bugs and nothing to be concerned about. If necessary, I can post them to.
I also noticed that my wallet sometimes shows 1 connection sometimes 0.
Thank you very much in advance

Took a good few hours to get mine. So just give it a day…

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Thanks for the quick answer. I have applied yesterday, but I can wait

For info this is what my summary and wallet status is:

Is it possible to buy some chia and then transfer it to see if it works?

Have you tried this faucet:

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Thanks. No I have not. I have just applied and will give an update if my wallet changes.

What I also tried out now it the Chia-Dashboard. I can install everything. But after a while it says that the current status is unknown (last update was over 30min). I do not know why. I have restarted the PC. I also have port forwarded the port 8444 to the machine. But when I use the “recommended” Port Checker: it says that the port is closed. But when I use for example “” it says that the port is open. What is now correct?
I also have not gotten any amount in my wallet. I suspect that my network might has a problem, but how do I check if this is the case?

Update: I now got my 0,…1 XCH. I dont know if it is from the first or the second one. But this at least profs to me that my walled is valid and shows the correct amount.

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try it with a new key and wallet (you might need a new key for pooling) but remember not to plot with new key for now

Yeah, we will see how pooling will work. I will now just plot with my current setup. I heart that pooling is going to be delayed. I also heard that apparently we would be able to keep our plots that we have and then plot new one for pooling. I hope that then I will be able to farm with both (private with the ones that I already have and with pooling), but I have not heard a fix answer to that.

Probably from our faucet at, if it’s 5 zeros it’s from us, if it’s 9 zeros it’s from the faucet. Good to see that you got the payout and were able to prove your wallet works.

Yes, the one faucet took ages to process. But now I got the amount from both.
Thanks for the help.

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