Version 1.1.7 is out

Version 1.1.7 is out.

So whats new? Any ploting otimization?

kind a… 1 fix??

And syncing/peer connection I believe

Nope, it’s only this one fix as you can see here:

Only important for Windows users, as I see it…

The actual code changes seem to be fairly limited, just batching the reads


Release in June 5, 2021


Batch process weight proof epochs in groups of 900 to fit below May 2020 sqlite limit (999 for Python 3.7 on Windows). Fixes sqlite3.OperationalError: too many SQL variables error and resulting issues with syncing wallets on Windows.

What the hell is this?


Also for me this is a bit cryptic, if anyone understands this and cares to explain what it means in simple words…