Wallet db recovering

just deleted wallet db file, to got fresh instance.

after all syncing the file blockchain_wallet_v2_r1_mainnet_.sqlite is just 1.5Mb


Does that file not reflect the nr of transactions in the wallet?
What is the total nr of transactions in yours, bottom row of Token/Transactions tab (… of total_nr)?
I have 183 transactions and the file is 17MB…

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since how long? is the wallet fully synced? Are transactions missing?

Total transactins count is 109 and this file is used to be 16Mb as well, but now just 1600Kb.

Yeah, wallet is fully synced and was synced very fast like less then minute and no transactions missing.

sqlite databases don’t get smaller when data is deleted unless you VACUUM the database. So at some point it might have grown to 16MB and then shrunk, but the actual filesize remains the same and is just filled with empty space or data that is marked deleted and will be overwritten.

The wallet DB doesn’t contain much and had some improvements in recent versions too (v2, r1). Deleting it or vacuuming it probably would have reduced the file to a similar size. And there’s no harm in deleting this file. The software will re-scan the entire chain and recreate it from your transactions on the chain.

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i havn’t VACUUM it. so ten times smaller size with v2.r1 version is a proper size?

besides the backup i have is also v2.r1 and its size is 16Mb

Yeah, the current size (1.6MB) is fine. If you look at the actual data in that database, it doesn’t take up much space at all.

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as it figured db size gets back to normal (17mb) eventually. maybe several days after.