Wallet reporting XCH as AREGT

Hello all,

I have two seperate machines on seperate networks and both are reporting CHIA as AREGT. Please see screenshot below:

I thought that it was because I was using the old Gigahorse farmer with chia version 1.7.0 but after updating both I still have it. The amount corresponds correctly to what I have in my xch address via xchscan so appears to be visual.

Anyone have any ideas before i try resetting the configuration file?

Thank you,

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Think I found the cause (always happens just after you post :slight_smile: ).

I must have edited by accident the network prefix in the config file and then copied it to my other machine. I have changed it back to XCH and all seems to be ok.

FUnny how the farmer reacted and no longer allowed me to send XCH as it gave an error with regards to prefix unknown.

Emergency over :stuck_out_tongue: