Wanna jump into Chia!? Let me build you a plotter TODAY

I’ve expanded my CHIA services to include building custom plotting rigs. I’m now on #6 and three for clients already!! My most recent builds will do ~4TB /day at a $4,000 price-point. Full transparency hardware components are crazy constrained today and acquisition expertise is becoming paramount to plotting success!!

I can give you an edge going from 0 to 500 plots in about a weeks time, allowing you to be competitive against the exponential growth of net space. (400+ PiB and growing) I’ve already got a nice collection of CHIA myself and am looking to grow my investment by putting the past six months of research and investment in your hands!!

an example of a recent build: Show off your rigs! - #26 by vandy


Hi Vandy… Long time tech enthusiast, new to plotting and Chia in general…

i would be interested in your services… please pm me.

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Hi, I don’t live in the US, but hopefully you can spare some time for consulting, I’ll PM you

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Hi @vandy im also looking to get into the chia space.
Unfortunately i don’t know what the best options are.

Send me a PM so we can discuss your services.