WARNING - Chia v1.3 is out but please stay away - WARNING

Chia v1.3 has been released yesterday.
I suppose many will want to update asap but beware!
People that have done this already ran into bugs with the GUI not showing reward addresses and more severely their Plot NFT mixing up self-pooling with old pooling setups.

Several bugs have been reported on github already and Chia team is aware now and confirmed the bugs.

I’ll wait for the next update… :grin:


True that, and thank you for sharing.:+1:

I had the same issue with 1.3.0 (pools reverting to an old state and partials being rejected). However, when I copied my old config.yaml back, sanity was restored. The problem has not reappeared after several restarts.

On Mac OS Intel i am stuck at this screen now.

Did you make a complete backup of the .chia and the .chia_keys folders to an USB drive from 1.2.11?

I recommend to follow my short tutorial when upgrading your farm…

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