: WARNING Directory: E:\chiafinalplot does not exist

I am doing some test using the CLI on my plots, giving this comand ./chia.exe plots check It gives back a lot of line but one with this warning:

2021-05-23T19:04:14.928 chia.plotting.plot_tools : WARNING Directory: E:\chiafinalplot does not exist.

In that drive I have just the directory temp_plot so I think it is an old folder when I did some test. It is a problem? How can delete that? In the GUI I dont see that.

Thank you

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You likely specified it as a plot location earlier.

in the GUI, go to the plots, hit the 3 button menu next to Add A plot, and click add a plot directory. it will bring up your existing configured plot directories, where you can delete old ones


O yes You right I didn’t know that
Infact there is that folder that I dont use anymore, Can I delete that? right?
thank you

Yes, it is just where the app looks for plot files. Since the folder is no longer there on your disk, just remove it.

Hello, how can you do this in Linux through the CLI? I have the same issue, but I’m not sure how to remove these, they don’t exist.

Thank you

All those folders are in config.yaml. Shut down your node, edit that config and restart your node. Much easier than using either GUI or CLI.

Thank you, I JUST figured that out a few minutes ago… Yes, SO much easier to do it in config.yaml. I wish I had found that way sooner… Thank you again Jacek

You need not shut down your node.
You can add / delete plot directories within config.yaml on-the-fly.

Good to know. It used to be like that in early days. Later for whatever reason the harvester read that section only on node / harvester startup. Maybe, people didn’t like it (I didn’t), so they reverted back to the original way. I don’t have a working chia setup to try it.

For MMX, I don’t think that the harvester is reading changes to that section (once started). However, if folders are mounted and recursive flag is on, then the harvester rescans the whole root folder on each plot load, so it picks up those changes in the subfolders. Not sure how it works with chia gigahorse.

And if you use notepad to edit the config.yaml how long does it take for the GUI to notice the change to the file?

Logic dictates it will happen whenever it scans for new plots.
So would depend on what you have set that to.
Or so i believe / imagine.

My config.yaml has the following line:
plot_loading_frequency_seconds: 120

I did not set it. So it is the default.