: WARNING Directory: E:\chiafinalplot does not exist

I am doing some test using the CLI on my plots, giving this comand ./chia.exe plots check It gives back a lot of line but one with this warning:

2021-05-23T19:04:14.928 chia.plotting.plot_tools : WARNING Directory: E:\chiafinalplot does not exist.

In that drive I have just the directory temp_plot so I think it is an old folder when I did some test. It is a problem? How can delete that? In the GUI I dont see that.

Thank you

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You likely specified it as a plot location earlier.

in the GUI, go to the plots, hit the 3 button menu next to Add A plot, and click add a plot directory. it will bring up your existing configured plot directories, where you can delete old ones

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O yes You right I didn’t know that
Infact there is that folder that I dont use anymore, Can I delete that? right?
thank you

Yes, it is just where the app looks for plot files. Since the folder is no longer there on your disk, just remove it.