WARNING Rate limiting ourselves. message type: respond_peers,

Just upgraded to Chia 1.5.1 and getting “WARNING Rate limiting ourselves. message type: respond_peers,” is there anything I need to fix or is it normal?

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Windows or Linux? I have to errors with windows so far on 1.5.1 also

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I have the same issue. Upgraded to V1.5.1 on Windows 11. Seem to get 2 IP addresses giving this problem. If I restart the GUI. Same thing happens but 2 different IP addresses.

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This seems like a good thing. Nodes can send a request_peers message to ask your node for a list of up to 1,000 peers (other nodes), so your node responds with a respond_peers message. Maybe some nodes are abusing this for whatever reason and are asking for peer info too frequently. Maybe they’re bots doing this outside of normal operation.

I’m not certain, but think that this rate limit is per-IP, so it won’t impact your ability to respond_peers to other nodes, just the ones asking too much.

1.5.1 did make some changes with regards to peers and trusted peers, so maybe it is a side effect and could now be exposing other misbehaving peers on the network better. Or, older versions don’t play as nicely with newer versions.

Looks like someone has already opened an issue about this and it has been assigned to a Chia dev: [Bug] Tons of "WARNING Rate limiting ourselves. message type: respond_peers" messages in log · Issue #13132 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub. Follow that thread for updates.