"Was not able to get login link." error when using plotnft get_login_link

I am farming on xchpool

Everything was normal until I got an unsafe reboot.
I had to resync the db. now my node is synced, so syncing is not a problem now.
However, I cannot see any won points so far since then.
It seems my plots are not recognized by the pool. when I try to get the login link, I get the error:
“Was not able to get login link.”

How to reconfig my node properly to continue to farm on the pool as it used to be?
Asked on xchpool discord but there was no help.
// I am using the latest 2.1.2

Still looking for help, here are some additional information:
I am unsure now where my harvester is farming to because I see no won points for so long.
However, I am 100% sure that all of my plots are create as NFT plot, actually with the contract address of id 7.

Finally got support from the pool.
The issue was solved by deleting the wallet db and resync it.

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Just saw your posts, but thats the generally the first try with nft plot troubles, like if theyre missing, that will fix it.