Weekly XCH Giveaway

OpenChia is bringing you the biggest XCH giveaway in Chia history – one randomly picked active pool farmer will win 1 XCH every Sunday for the next year! In total 52 XCH will be distributed between our users!

How can one win?
By being a member of OpenChia pool, users get OpenTickets issued according to their estimated space every day!

Who can participate?
Anybody with at least 1 Tib of estimated space that joins the OpenChia pool.
We have a tiered system that will distribute tickets based on TiB.

What are OpenTickets?
Each ticket is a unique number, issued every day, that will be used in the next round of giveaway!

How will the farmer be picked?
Every Sunday at 20:00 CET we will have a livestream where the winning ticket will be decided using Google random number generator!

For more info visit OpenChia.io - Chia Farming Pool

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more lottery? should we run a pool for this too? :laughing:

Well depending on ones size one might have a higher chance winning 1 XCH then winning a block :sweat_smile:


Why did you send this picture

Thought it might look better then just text. I removed it.