Weird question ? regarding pools

I didn’t join any pool nor started one, still solo farming and all fine for me …

My question is

Is it possible that some minor pools piggyback on bigger pools ?

I have no idea if possible or not but in theory it should be possible and it would explain some wacko numbers pools provide … eg users/PiB/payouts etc

If I’m wrong in my thinking feel free to enlighten me

Can you describe wdym by saying “piggyback”?

I’m picturing something where a small pool is running as a proxy for larger pool? That would be a bit weird since the payouts wouldn’t line up, unless you kept all the stats / leaderboards in sync between them, and at that point the “small” pool would appear to be the same size as the main pool.

More or less yes

So normal modus operandus would be

user(s) plots → pool

A piggybacking one would be

user(s) plots → pool → another pool (bigger or a higher paying out %)

So in the second example the piggybacking one, the pool would pool into another pool which would mess up overall stats and they snatch an exta % on payouts from the one they pool into. End result would be that the end user gets less not knowing it’s piggybacking by the pool used.

Downside is besides lower payment, if the pool folds where the smaller one pools into, they fold also… so a bit of a domino effect that would hit a lot of people unaware their pool , pools into another one.

This is actually something that happened on other crypto platforms regarding pools , not exactly the same as what I try to explain above but similar.

eg. one or another crypto pool accepts crypto from users, claiming to give x % APY yet they pool into another pool that gives a bigger % , this has been seen and most likely still happening with pools. The end pool is usually going for the lending programs at various exchanges and ofcourse pays a lot more out if you go direct with them than with other pools.

Seen this for a lot of different cryptocurrencies and mainly PoW not PoS coins

Does this all make sense, or am I explaining it wrong/to difficult

I heard bitcoin has this due to long ass block times.

We also offered to do this for someone on eth but it didn’t workout.