Weird syncing issue

Current time at my house is 11:20 a.m. I have been trying to sync chia for hours, but it will only go up to 2 hours before my time. so right now it shows synced up to 9:20 a.m. All my peers show they are on the same block as me. So, since it stays exactly 2 hours behind, I’m thinking there is some type of timing issue on my computer. I just moved everything last night onto a new drive and re did my computer. Why is this happening?

-Syncing stays 2 hours before my current time
-All peers show to be on the same block as me (yes, i try to get rid of them, and others on same block come back. Even is on the same block as me)

Edit: So far I have tried going to a different version of Chia, as well as lower my peers to 10.

Ok, so, according to, I am actually at peak height. For whatever reason, it shows that I am two hours behind and not synced. Right now it is 11:38 am, but on Chia it shows it is 9:38 a.m., even though I am at peak block height.

Nevermind, I figured it out, but I will keep it up for future resource.

I had to sync the clock on my computer.

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