Western Digital easystore 14TB External USB, new, $199.99

BestBuy has a deal on this model:

That translates to $14.29 per TB.

I believe that that is a very low price per TB, for any capacity.

I guess they took delivery of a boat load, and now they have to move them?

By the way, I own a few of that model in the 16 TB and 18 TB capacities.
They are quiet, and they have a power/activity light on the bottom right.

I have not had any issues with them.
But know that if you should need a warranty replacement, it is a nightmare to deal with Western Digital’s RMA process.

Everything from creating an RMA, proving ownership, uploading photos, to them actually doing anything when they receive your return, and them taking an eternity to ship your replacement… everything requires staying on top of them – almost to the point of needing a lawyer. It could take months to get your replacement – and that is with you chasing them down two or three times each week.

I have not figured out if it is due to gross incompetence, or if it is due to them counting on a percentage of customers just giving up, and Western Digital saves themselves the cost or replacing bad drives?

Great price, but you have been warned about their RMA process.

Seagate, by the way, is a pleasure to deal with. Or put it this way: Western Digtial is Seagate’s evil twin.



All over this deal! Thank you for posting it! :grin:

By all over this deal, I assume you mean that you are all over it (as in: taking advantage and ordering drives).

…and that you do not mean that the deal is over (ended).

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Yes, I mean I am purchasing drives. Deal is still going.


Picked up 10 of the 14tb drives for $199 each

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In person? It would only let me buy 3 online. My plan is to pickup the three I bought online then go in the store and buy more.

Also, I’d like to add that Best Buy is currently doing a hard drive recylcing program. If you take in an old 80GB HDD if you have on laying around, Best Buy will give you another 15% off! I’m gonna try to take 5 in tomorrow and get 5 14’s for what, $170 each… Can’t beat that!

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“In store only. Customer upon recycling an eligible storage device will receive a 15% off coupon good towards an eligible WD or SanDisk storage device. Markdowns taken from current prices. Limit of 1 coupon per household, and coupon can only be used once. Recycled drive will not be returned under any circumstances. Not available in all locations and some stores may have additional limitations.”

Looks like one drive one coupon one time.

Check for store inventory.
On three separate occasions, none of the Best Buy stores in my area had any large capacity drives in stock.

Apparently, they have a local distribution warehouse, from where on-line orders are filled.

So check before heading out to your local stores.

Also, as to the on-line system limiting you to 3 drives…
…did you try to place an order, again, after you completed your first order?

How did you place your order?

Did they let you place an on-line order for all 10 in one shot?
Or did you have to place multiple orders?
Or did you call and have a sale’s person place the order for you?

Thanks Bro! You the man!

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I have 2 best buys within 10 miles of each other, so 3 online from each store then another 2 in person from each store.

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Picked up 5 today! They had about 5 more at my BB. Going back to get them tomorrow! Should bring me up to .5 PiB!!!

I too picked up 5 today. 3 online and two at the store. 12TB was $20 more than the 14TB lol

I know. It’s awesome! Think we’ll see netspace expand based on these cheap ass EasyStores!? I wonder what percentage of farmers is in the US?

I think the low XCH price is the reason netspace hasn’t expanded and these drives are suddenly very cheap. Oversupply.

I agree. Definitely overstock. I think we will see some positive change in the price in the coming month or 2.

Deal no longer active today. it is still depicted as on sale or having a lowered price in some context, yet, the price is up to $260. I wonder if its technically illegal for them to do that. I watch their prices a lot, and they don’t usually increase prices and simultaneously depict them as “on sale” or “reduced price” almost as if its some sort of rule they’re supposed to follow

Still on > Amazon’s $339.99-$16.99 Prime rewards or $320 for an 18TB Elements is $17.77/TB … is none to shabby and more green with more plots than the 14ers.

Price War > BB has the 18s for $315.99 (member pricing only, one only) !

We are flush with (cheaper) HDs for once :slight_smile:

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I grabbed one for $315.99
After my checkout, the price showed $339.99.
Apparently, I got mine into my cart only a minute before they raised their price.

I am looking forward to seeing what Black Friday sale prices will be.