What are you plans? Plotting more, buying more HDD?

Hey guys,

I am getting 6 more HDDs this week. Hence, I was wondering what you plan to do in the next weeks, months etc.

Do you still have HDDs to fill? Do you have more HDDs on the way already? Do you plan to buy more HDDs? Or do you sell your equipment?

I’m still busy replotting my hdd’s
I also have 3 14TB disk still sealed that can be sent back to the store for a few more days.

I have done many times already:

  1. Said I will stop buying hdd’s now
  2. bought new hdd’s anyway when they are on discount with the idea that I can cancel them within 30 days
  3. never sent any drives back to the store.

So I will say now, I’m going to try to not buy any more hdd’s for a while at least :innocent:

I have 260 TB now, and so far only replotted about 70 TB of it. After I finish replotting, I will re-assess investments.


Im only at 50TB and slowly replotting from OG hpool to space pool.

With the xch-price now under 200$ I wont buy any more disks for more than 12€/TB.
Havent seen any under 20€/TB recently.


I am like Voodoo in the sense that I told myself not to spend any more money on Chia yet I have. I went out a few weeks ago and there was a sale on an SSD 1TB at Walmart. Best Buy had a 5TB USB HDD on sale (that Walmart didn’t come close to). I got both. The main reason I purchased them was so I can pool to the 5TB drive and leave all my plots alone till the 5TB is full, then wipe a drive and start over with the pool plots.

I am of the mindset that I am not to purchase anything else for Chia at all. However, I am still occasionally looking for sales/deals on drives or servers/JBODs. If the sale or deal is too good to pass up, I may go for it, but I’d have to look at it in the moment. If I purchase anything else, it will be something I can repurpose if and or when I stop doing Chia.


I do exactly the same as you, I start filling them with plots and once the 30 days are past, I shuck them and put them inside the case.

I used chia as a reason to upgrade my plex storage. At this point I have all the capacity I planned to have. It would have to be a hell of a deal for me to get more, but I’ll still keep an eye out. I have about another week of replotting until it’s all pool plots. I intend to let the drives farm until the first farm halving hits in a few years. I’ll decide then if I make any changes and how chia has performed. if I need more plex capacity it’s always there to open up. if my used enterprise drives last until then I’ll be happy with the results.

Profit margins dropping below power costs is the only reason I would foreseeably stop farming. The XCH price would have to be about $20 for farming at current difficulty to not cover my farming power costs. At 11.5 cents a KWH I’m pretty sure I can undercut most datacenters operational costs. Netspace difficulty should drop before I’m forced off. I have no doubt chia farming margins will shrink to the point power costs are the deciding factor for who can farm it. We’ll see how long that takes to happen. People will do crazy things to keep pennies trickling in.

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I will replot all my OG plots to new poolable plots. Then I will repurpose my plotting rig to mine Arweave next.

Until Chia’s price found its ground, I am not planning to invest more.

With that said, I plan to farm Chia for several years from the beginning. That’s why I farm on Raspberry Pi just so that I can forget about the cost of running it. Farming should be sustainable for me, not the other way around. Even if Chia goes down to $1, I will still be farming it believing in the future. I am perfectly fine operating at this cost assuming my HDDs are not broken first before I can break even with my investment :sweat_smile:


That’s where it gets dangerous! Those used servers and JBODs seem like such good deal…no harm in getting one…right?

well, I complete my plotting on mid June, so far with such low price of Chia, there is no motivation for me to add more HDD or re plotting, I will just stick on solo farming at the moment ~~
But I am still doing some testing on Linux for studying purpose and preparation of possible future re plotting

28TB just arrived so will be filling up existing plots and then filling up the 28TB.

I will see what happens in the meantime.

I have a few more drives to plot. After that I won’t expand the farm until the market starts to recover.

Why not just continue plotting on the sealed drives? Wo

This is when everybody will expand.

True that. But right now it’s cheaper to buy XCH than it is to farm it over 12 months. However, I’d rather invest in hardware to farm magic beans than just buy magic beans because I can repurpose the hardware for my business. A big part of the attraction to Chia for me was knowing that I’ll need a lot of the hardware for a future project, so it’s very low risk for me, unlike my other alt coin investments that are in the red now :sob:

Having said all that, I might buy a few more drives over the coming months if the market stabilizes. That’s also dependent on what the devs are up to.

More HDD, keep on plotting.