What exactly is software doing when slow syncing wallet?

like what is happening exactly? software goes through whole blockchain db and looking at each single transaction if one or other address in single transaction is in pair with private key? is that the process? at least, this is how I imagine it.

like one transaction is:
xch9j4sefojefsjpo… send 0.01 to xch9gseopjesgpjoseg… and the change went to xchjipaijpvsvrsv3…

and now the software is trying if my private key is in match with outgoing address or incoming address, right? because sw has no idea which wallets were generated for me, it just knows private key… there is no information in blockchain which wallets are connected to one private key right…?

Each address ( public key ) has one pvt key, they are connected eternally, so yes in one respect its all visible, but no one can see who owns which address, or the pvt key.

No, your wallet knows exactly which addresses were created for you, as I explained, each address ( public key ) is linked to a corresponding pvt key.
Your wallet stores them all ( the ones you created).

I couldn’t make sense of what you wanted to know in the rest of your post.
If you care to rephrase it into specific questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

I will try :slight_smile: well I have created a new wallet - brand new 24 keys - you know… and it was syncing like 7 hours… but walled.db file is around 6GB - which makes no sense - there are NO transactions made so far (brand new wallet) so what is inside of this file?

I understand that inside blockchain.db - there are all transactions so 28GB size make sense. but size of walled.dat to be 6GB? like why? what is inside?

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Great try, I understand now.
Unfortunately, I don’t know either.
You would think, no transactions , nothing to record.

Sorry I couldn’t help.

at least you tried so thanx :slight_smile: somebody maybe know what is inside of 6GB file when no single transaction was done…

Hopefully, I would also like to know.

The entire blockchain, with every transaction that happened so far. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong

Yes, in the blockchain database.

They are asking specifically what is in the wallet database.
Especially when no transactions have been made from said wallet.

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For those interested souls, do this >

  1. Make a copy of your db file (wallet, whatever) somewhere in a scratch area
  2. Download and install this > DB browser for SQLite
  3. Open prgm, open Wallet db (in the scratch area) or whatever in the prgm.
  4. Examine away to your hearts content.

In the case of the Wallet, you will find all your coins, transaction, etc., etc.

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What they’re saying is though, it’s new wallet, made no transactions, but wallet still has size of 6gb.

Every block’s record (not just yours) is in there.

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Ta, that’s what they wanted to know.

Does seem odd to me we keep blockchain database, which holds all transaction data.
We also have wallet database that’s also holding transaction data, that is already held in the blockchain database.

Odd way to do things.

Fun read about all this.