What happened to farmr.net?

What happened to farmr.net? I can not open the website? Can anybody?

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It’s gone. Creator Gil said they couldn’t maintain it any longer.

Was a great tool. Sad to see it go.

Curious to know what others might be switching to?


Man, it was a great free tool. Need something for Chia farm on Windows… Any suggestions?


This was on the News today!!!


Where in hell is Chia Inc? Why not take it over, or support him?? Do they care about their farmers… at all??? Guess not… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s disappointing - very little effort needed from Chia team to support these sorts of small devs - have to hope it was just below their radar. Would have been great if they’d picked it up & recognised OPs efforts at least


Chia has “Chia Cultivation Grant Program” (Grants - Chia Network) that is supposedly to be used to also support devs:

Chia Network is committed to growing and nurturing the Chia ecosystem in as many ways as possible, not only through applications and functionality we develop but via encouraging our highly engaged community to unleash its creativity within the ecosystem.

Not sure whether @gil has applied for that.

On the other hand, he was also looking forward to donations from those who used his farmr. The last time someone donated was 6 months ago. Chia (XCH) Address xch1z9wes90p356aqn9svvmr7du8yrr03payla02nkfpmfrtpeh23s4qmhx9q9 | XCHscan

His project was for sure one of the best in Chia’s ecosystem, so it is sad to see him go.

By the way, I was not using farmr. Although, I would, if Chia would have his project listed on their github page as if not sponsored, then at least endorsed.

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Our support was open and available to farmr.net if they wished to have taken advantage of it.

My understanding is money and resources were not their problem, time and commitment was.

Unfortunately there are limits to what we can provide in terms of support… We can’t just create new hours in the day for someone to spend working on their project alongside their work and personal lives. :wink:


So, if someone wants to take over @gil project, will Chia financially support that dev (through the Grant program)?

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Potentially…depends on if the person taking over the project can provide a compelling proposal that shows us the project is in good hands with long term viability under their care.

Gil pre-established a legacy of trust and value that meant we could bet on them with minimal friction if we wanted to, someone new and unknown would have to establish themselves with us via some basic due diligence first.


Where did you find it? I participate in MMX, switched fully from Chia and in my opinion it will be real gamechanger for storage crypto.

I got the pic from a great News Guy (Walter Cronkite) great gran son
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Hey everyone,

@sargonas is right, money wasn’t the issue, time and commitment is (plus a lack of interest/trust in chia)

farmr started as a small project that I created with the intention to monitor my own rig.

I lost interest in chia after I moved to a different place where I didn’t have space to run a node.

This made maintaining the farmr client extremely difficult. Some users started reporting issues after the chia 1.6 update, that’s when I knew it was time to stop maintaining the client.

The client is and has always been open source. That’s the beauty of OSS, anyone with more time and resources can fork farmr and maintain it.

I’m going to be honest with you - the server code became a mess as new features kept getting added to the client that relied on a different tech stack that I was using previously (namely firebase and discord authentication and email notifications).

I just published the code I had for the backend and the web app, although I’m not proud of its quality and there are too many small parts running (php + mariadb for backend, nodejs for the discord bot and notifications, dart for generating reports)

I wish I had the time to unify it under a single codebase and replace mariadb with a NoSQL database, as a relational database doesn’t really make sense for storing large JSON objects sent by the client app.

The Chia Cultivation Grant faces the same problem most blockchain-related projects suffer from - it’s not transparent.

It was created to support open source projects created by the community. However, the first project funded by this grant - nucle.io - was given these funds based on the promise they would release the source code some day. As far as I know they haven’t done so, more than a year after being granted these funds.

I find it concerning that Chia is funding and endorsing proprietary projects like nucle.io (which handles private keys).


i tried to warn everyone

From my side, there was no issue for farmr version for eindows. I was very happy with the chia monitoring project. The most important and helpful specs of the project were, notification of lost disk drive, block win, longest drive reach time, harvest stop, and many more. Also the discord bot was amazing as it notifies you from cell phone. I am very sad as the website is offline.


Please tell us what is needed to make farmr.net online again? I can help if I can. I have spare time and have knowledge about creating and maintaining a website.


As an alternative, check out my project: Machinaris. Around since May 2021, it runs self-hosted and is fully open-source (Apache-licensed).


Gil isnt entirely wrong. Our first Grant to Emergent Coin (Nucle). Did not pan out as planned and in hindsight we feel like it was a mistake on our part in ways, and we have made multiple overhauls and changes to the program since to avoid a repeat of that scenario.

I will say though that while our intention is for grant recipients to be open source projects, from time to time we have made exceptions to that. Of the 20 some odd grants we have given out, I’d say about six or seven or knowingly going to be partially closed source in one way or another Because at the end of the day the entry of that product in the ecosystem has more value than not.

Nucle however is a different story, they simply,m collapsed as a viable product after their initial release (despite significantly far more funding than any grant recipient has ever gotten
since that should’ve provided them with massive runway) and never reach the timeline in their milestones where the open source code was set to be released.


@ksevin check the repo in my previous reply.
It might require changing the code a little bit to adapt it to your own server, setting environment variables and having some PHP, mariadb, nodejs and flutter knowledge.


@sargonas thanks for the clarification.
I guess nucle was a way to trial the grant process and a lot was learnt from that.