What is lacking in chia?

I’m seeking to develop something really useful for chia (site, software, etc), but don’t know what yet : (

Wanna get in this chia development stuff early, seems like now is the perfect time, so tell me what you want and I will do my best at developing it!

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I’m an easy guy, cup of coffee and two eggs over easy any kind of toast will do.

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Get an easy to use interface software for home farmers. A monitoring, stats type software. Sure you can go take a 6 month computer course and then implement the current options, but I was talking more about download, install, use. There is no simple dashboard that I’ve seen. Most you must go into the brains of the operation and manually do it.

I would also really enjoy some solution for using other computers on the same network for plotting that doesn’t require a lot of workarounds. Might be impossible or not worth the bother. Depends who you ask of course. Something that would export the key settings/ingredients from your main PC, allowing you to click a few buttons on a 2nd or 3rd home PC that will enable you to use it for plotting, without having to get into CLI or manual fiddling/diddling.

Along the lines of the first thing I mentioned, a detailed plotting software that will give you every possible detail like time started, phase times, etc. in an package that a person could install and use rather than taking a 6 month computer course and then figuring out the current options for this solution that exist.

I’m not criticizing what’s out there already. I’m sure they are lovely. However the juice for me is not worth the squeeze. Sure, I could read all the documentation and figure out how to set it all up properly, but…software is supposed to make life easy. The nuts and bolts exist but not in an friendly end-user way.

No pressure, but I hope whatever you come up with, it’s able to raise the value of Chia. A bit grandiose in hopes perhaps, but I have confidence in you. You’re going to do special things. Right after you’ve completed my list of wants. Thank you very much.

Just install farmer.net ( farmr and you will be happy. I have it running on my farmer and three harvesters.

Thank you I’ll have another look. A few weeks ago I looked into the various options but the various readme file scared me off. I noticed a lot of manual work involved in setting it up. Just not enough time in my day to read, learn and manual set up a program to monitor my Chia farm. Love the idea of having it, but maybe I checked out the wrong ones and there are simple to set up solutions. Thanks.

We are 5guys running a private farm. What we need is a service that auto mixes payout once a specific value has accumulated in our wallet. Right now we transfer when value X Xch has reached a predefined value to ourselves based on a specific percentage (investor shares) solve it and we would pay a solid fee for it! We want a setup and forget solution

I have several free mint NFTs and I want
to give them to those new comers who do not have a chia wallet and any chia asset. I just want to let more people know chia blockchain. and some projects also want to AirDrop to new comers but they do not know an effective way.
I think that is what chia need now.

let people know chia’s offer, DEX like hashgreen/dexie/offerbin,NFTs things

Releases · gilnobrega/farmr (github.com) You have to have a discord account (no big deal) or a gmail account. :laughing:

This is super easy to install extract farmr-windows-x64.zip to a folder, run farmr.exe, a cmd window opens up, you select 2 (view address) and put that address in the browser display (farmr) and select the (+) in the middle of the gear and (picture of the eye) and ytour done. Install same software on your harvester and add the address into the browser again, then your browser will show it on the left of the screen.

You can sign up with gmail to get notifications instead if discord.

Lacking in Chia:

  • vanity address generator
  • nice compact paper wallet printout with QR codes, similar to what MyEtherWallet offers for Ethereum. A printout nice enough for gifting XCH in the form of a paper wallet. 24 words scribbled on a piece of paper may be enough for yourself but not for giving XCH as a present to a crypto novice.

that would be a on chain chialisp smart coin that just splits and distributes all funds it receives. so for that @hey needs to learn chialisp! :slight_smile:

but of course a simple python program would do it too :slight_smile:

Hmm… Wonder how you could do the gifting through a smart contract with clawback, so if it’s never redeemed (after some time) the funds aren’t lost forever.

Kill all SpaceDust.

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