What is MiB Up/Down?

What is MiB Up/Down?Anad What values should have farner,wallet,timelord and full nodes?

Data sent data received


I don’t know what is typical bandwidth for a farmer, but it’s a good question… all my farmers are doing weird stuff at the moment or I would share a network graph.

And what values is typical for nodes amd farmer?

I’ve had everything from 0.1 to 101…
The longer you are connected the higher some connection will go…

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Alas,but my mib up/down is 0,5-3/0,1-12,5
What it depends on?Internet connection and speed?

I would imagine
How many plots you have, how many filters you pass and how many connections you have
I cant see you internet speed being an issue unless you are on dial-up lol…
But then again I am new to this and probably one of the dumbest people here…