What is "Points Successful in Last 24 Hours"?

In the new Pool Overview there is a line that says “Points Successful in Last 24 Hours” and it shows a percentage. Does anyone know what that percent signifies? Mine says 95.4%. Just don’t know if that is good or bad or even something I should be paying attention to.

I think it means what percentage of your partials’ points were valid (the partial was not rejected). A partial could be rejected because of a blockchain reorganization, or because it arrives too late (more than 25 seconds), or if it’s a duplicate, it has invalid data… Anything below 100%, you’re losing capacity for some reason. If it happens all the time look at your debug.log to see what the pool tells you if it’s rejecting it outright, so you know what needs to be fixed if anything

What about above 100%? I am sitting at 100.2%, which is cool.

me too. I’m at 100.67%

yeah that’s a good sign!