What is the challenge and proof mechanism in a multi-harvester network

Hi, I have setup a multi-harvester network which is as follows.

  • 1 x full chia stack on a windows machine which also plots & farms.
  • 3 x harvesters pointing to the farmer on windows machine which plot as well.
    All communications are ok and I can see the remote harvesters in the Farm tab showing there plots like 0/24 etc. and good comms in the debug log as well.

The question is that does the farmer send a challenge to all harvesters to check or to any one of the harvesters?
Sometimes I am seeing the same challenge repeat 64 times which is sent to all harvesters, thats fine.
Other times I can see multiple challenges and from what I could observe (might not have been a deep one) that each of the harvesters was returning a 0/16 1/74 etc for different challenges.
This made me think that if a challenge is not proofed for ALL of the plots across all harvesters then this may be limiting my chances of success. As each harvester’s plot pile starts to act like a sub-farm.

What I need to understand and ensure is that every challenge received by the farmer is sent to ALL harvesters and evaluated against all plots.
Also if the same challenge hash is repeated 64 times then whats the point? Shouldnt it be a new challenge hash every time?
I have multiple nodes connected to the main stack which can be seen from the full node view.

Thank you.


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