What is this error

2022-05-18T00:09:56.829 farmer chia.farmer.farmer : ERROR Could not find authentication sk for 016b18f6660ed36d1ed0d8bc7f3637353ea253895a2e074081786e60b2f650e8

what is this error and why am i getting it and how to fix it is it very important?

It means your machine does not have the sk ( secret key ) for the pk ( public key ) your rewards are going to i think.

Depends on your setup.
Are you farming to a cold wallet?

no, I just didn’t enter the password and my wallet address is registered as my stock market address, is this an error for me to find a block?

Ok, so your coin reward address is for an exchange?

In that case, you would expect to see that error, as you dont own that address.

No, it wont stop you getting rewards.

Now I will write my normal chia address from the config and confirm it and enter it.

If I enter my original wallet address from the config again, I get the same error again.

You better not use an exchange address. An exchange can just change the receive address at any time and your rewards will go to limbo.

Make sure your farmer has the keys (mnemonic) for the plots you are using. Your farmer needs them to win blocks. Does your farmer have the keys for the plots you are farming?

Sending your rewards somewhere else will not give you this error on your farmer.

I’m a farmer and I made a stock market account for my payoff address. Could it be because of that? Does this error prevent me from finding a block?

If @dommer is correct, it means i was wrong.

I did say

@dommer is saying it means you have a plot / plots that that you have not imported the keys for that were used to create it / them.

In that case, yes, it would stop you getting rewards.

Its nothing to do with your payout address.

I have a total of 1462 plots, one account sees them all, everything is normal, time, seconds, only I get this error in the log

I wonder if I’m running hpool at the same time, do I get this error?
I’m closing the pool now and I’ll try it that way

I solved it, my friend, thank you, I completely deleted it from the crumbs in the config file that was left from the previous pools, nft plots, I completely deleted it, I reinstalled it. tsk

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