What is wrong with the farm with WARNING Looking up qualities

I have a 40,000plot farm connected via 5 JBOD via SAS connection.
i have been using this setup for close to 2-3 years with no issue.
The plots are a combination of C7 and the original one. I’m using a 3090, i9 with 64g memory for the harvester.

recently i started to see WARNING Looking up qualities pop up 4-5 times with in the hour. my general response time is 1-2s but just the last few weeks i’ve been getting WARNING Looking up qualities 4-5 times in the hour.

what should i check and any indication where the issue might be ?

normal response time;

and suddenly there will be these mad one happen;

Something has messed up in the network. People say dust storm but more like there was a recent change and tiny farms are not able to keep up; though it is possible that dust storm and recent transaction changes are the reason.

On Reddit someone suggested to reduce the peer count. I came here to look for a better answer/

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It is the dust storm, 2.1.4 addresses some issues and is currently available in beta RC1.

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