What RAMdisk do you use?

Hello. What software are you guys using for RAMdisk? I was using Softperfect and it was working great, but free trial period expired and I’m looking for the best solution. Any advices?

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I’ve been using OSFMount for my Windows plotters and it’s been working great for me. It’s got a GUI and can be used by command line, so I setup a script to great my standard RAMDrive with it.

What are your results with it and ur plotter? Is it better than without?

I tested ImDisk, Primo RamDisk, and OSFMount.
Primo had the best performance in synthetic tests, ImDisk had best performance for chia plotting among the three.

(MadMax plotter)

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I am using ImDisk. It is free. I tried Primo Ramdisk (paid one), but my results were more or less the same (maybe some edge to ImDisk).

I have used OSFmount for ramdisk, it’s easy to work with but performance wise it’s a far cry from ramdisk tmpfs in Ubuntu.

my2cents, If you really want good plotting speed with ramdisk, install Ubuntu and plot from there.
So far every comment I read says windows is slower with ramdisk and my own experience is the same.

Depending how you define “far cry.”

I have a couple of plotters. One is i9-10900 that runs Windows with ImDisk, the other has two old Xeon CPUs that Windows Pro just cannot handle at all, thus it runs Ubuntu.

I have just installed Ubuntu on that i9 box, and it is faster. Windows gets one plot in about 30.5 mins, Ubuntu in about 27.5 minutes. Of course, I didn’t fine tune Ubuntu at all, so it may still produce better results.

However, for someone that is Window based, and will rather have hard time tuning Ubuntu for performance, it may be safer to stay with Windows.

Of course, it also depends how many plots you intend to make. If the intention is to get more than a handful of drives, I would also suggest switching to Ubuntu (in California, energy cost is expensive, and that process may/will take days).

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Ubuntu 20.04 tmpfs and MadMax. Faster than any alternatives on Windows.

I’m running windows 10 - using RAMDISK program. Had stability issues with Dynamic RAM sizing. Stuck it to fixed RAM drive of 110 Gb automount and autostart with Windows and I am plotting 42 minute plots with 128 Gb, i9-9900k. I don’t even bother staggering.