What should xch_target_address be set to if self pooling?

I left flexpool with plotnft leave and now I am SELF_POOLING.

What should xch_target_address be set to in mainnet/config/config.yaml at this point? How can I figure it out via the command line? I have a single private key, a STANDARD_WALLET, and a POOLING_WALLET.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: To help explain why I’m confused, here’s some additional information.

If I do keys show, I get [first wallet] address A.

If I do wallet get_address -i 1, I get address B.

My xch_target_address is currently set to address C. If I look it up on the blockchain explorer, it shows a balance of ~0.25 XCH (from a block I found using the default harvester while I was on flexpool).

My flexfarmer payout address was set to address D. If I look it up on the blockchain explorer, it shows a balance.

The balances at addresses C and D add up to the total XCH in my STANDARD_WALLET.

A, B, C, and D are all different addresses. I suspect D should only be used for flexpool/flexfarmer. C seems to be working because the 0.25 XCH is in my STANDARD_WALLET, but I have no idea how this address was derived nor whether I should continue using it.

Thank you all!

Answering my own question here, I think, which is sort of silly but maybe it’ll help someone else in the future.

I deleted config.yaml and re-reran init to regenerate the configuration. It chose address A as the xch_target_address. It also seems to have updated the list of pools and the payout instructions.

If anyone knows of any reason not to use address A (i.e. the first wallet address), please let me know! Thank you.

I just do ./chia plotsnft claim -id 1