What to do with already seeded disks?

Maybe it is answered somewhere else but -

What should I do with already seeded disks ? I mean - I plotted couple TBs on external drives and now what?

Should I keep them connected into the PC all the time, or I can put them in some shelf and connect them time to time back to check for “win” ? Or delete and plotting again ?

Or put into some shelf, buy / get new one and plot them and check all later ?

This is something what is not clear to me at all.
Thanks for answers !

You have to have a harvester/farmer constantly connected to them and farming those plots. You only have 30 seconds to claim a win. You can’t just plug the drive in when you feel like it. It has to be constantly monitoring the system.


Ah, thanks !

That is what was not so clear for me, I thought about plotted disks more likely like “offline bitcoin wallet”.

Nope. The plots are your chance to earn/win the coin. You have to be farming those plots all the time to have a chance. Just plug them up and go into plots in the Chia software and add those folders. The plots will show up and should start to show “Farming”. There are more things to watch out for (response times and such in the logs), but get farming and learn more from there.

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