What will work best for us hosting Ask Me Anything sessions here?

I’ve been chatting with a few of the folks who run other Chia sites/are very active in the community, and the idea of running a few AMAs here would be fun, a good way to create a lot of valuable content, and further increase community engagement.

But, I’m trying to figure out how to best structure something like this, since a forum is inherently meant to be asynchronous, and typically AMAs are hosted on a certain day and time and have very condensed Q&A.

One idea I had was to schedule it for a specific date and time and share that here, and have a thread to collect questions ahead of the AMA. Then either have the guest answer each of those in forum thread reply’s, or we even just record a Zoom call and answer all the submitted questions, and then I can drop that into a new thread with a consolidated list of all the Q&A. Just an idea.

Any recommendations?

What works best, because we don’t do threading in the traditional sense, is two topics in parallel:

  1. One official primary topic where only the moderator and the AMA guest are allowed to post
  2. Another companion secondary topic where anyone can pose questions and offer commentary. The moderator will shuttle the best questions over and ask them on behalf of the user, so the AMA guest only needs to pay attention to the primary topic.

Be sure to grant the AMA guest either temporary moderator status or TL2/4, otherwise the guest will run into new user safety limits.

Then close the topic when the Q&A is complete.


Would love to get an AMA to ask optimization related questions to one of the code monkeys.