What would be a good setting for starters?

So, in a couple of days all of my hardware should arrive and once here I’m gonna be able to join the plotting experience.

With that said, using the following rig, what settings to put in for starters (sim. plots, RAM, THREADS, etc…) would be a good starting point and then later fine tuning once a few plots are completed?

CPU: Ryzen 5900x
RAM: 64Gb @ 3200Mhz
NvMe: 2x 1Tb corsair MP600
HDD: 96TB of external storage (final destination)

Any little help or insight whatsoever, would of great help!


See How Many Plots Can I Make a Day? – The Chia Farmer

Also, If you can still change them I would go with something other than mp600

Sustained write speed is really not so good on those drives

For now that’s what I got, changing it now seems difficult as the stock is trembling and prices inflated day in day out. But, looking at guides like these Best Consumer M.2 NVMe SSDs for Plotting - seems fine, but then again it changes from site to site and user to user.

Literally stumbled upon this website moments after I posted this thread. In any case, thank you for answering.

What does trouble me while reading thru that article, is that setting the delay between plots.

Quote." The key is the delay between the plotters. That value can only be figured out with trial and error of your own system."

So, what? basically i do set up a few plots in parallel and after they are finished i try to add the times it took for phase 1 and 2 to complete and then dividing it to get an estimate?

I really want to avoid plotting wrong phases at the same time and with that slowing down the whole process.


Yeah that article also landed me my first ssd choices, should be taken offline imho.

But anyway, 2x1tb is a lot better than just one 2tb disk, so shouldn’t be too bad.

Plotting times, i would look around on the forum, lots of ppl posted their times so you can get a sense of it.

You have plenty of cpu power and ram, so mostly need to focus on the temp space. Running the two disks in raid0 you should be able to get at least 8 plot running at the same time.

Maybe just run 6-8 plots 4threads with a stagger of 45 min And see how it goes.

Also warmly recommend using a plot manager like Swar/plotto/plotman, gives you more control

Yeah well the same NvME guide is posted here on the forum topic under “guides & tutorials”, but yeah for the first few months the MP600 in RAID0 as you said are going to be just fine.

And thank you for the tips regarding the initial settings, gonna do just that ad tweak along the way.
“Swar/plotto/plotman” -yeah need to see about that, really bad with command lines at the moment.