What write MB/s speeds are you getting from your SAS RAID0

After a magical plot of 2:30h plots with MadMax on a SAS raid0 that i saw speeds of 600mb/s average im now at 180MB/s if lucky. Any reason why this would be the case?

EXT4 RAID0 with 3 discs

How many disks are in the raid 0? Edit: can’t read… 3

In windows : When parallel plotting, hwinfo64 avg on WD SN750 1TB is around 150ish. Its higher in phase 1 and lower in the rest. Ryzen 3900x

had similar effects with my sata-raid…

i guess you use the raid for temp1 AND temp2? Then thedrop could be caused by fragmentation if you plot several plots in series.
When the first plot is finished the second is started before the first plot-file is cleared fromthe array.

Try seperating 1 drive from the raid, use it as temp and the rest of the drives as raid0 for temp2

I would like to know more about your setup. how fast are the sas drives, 10k or 15k? what controller are you using, pcie2.0? I’m seriously considering selling my 2TB pcie4.0 nvme for a couple sas drives to plot on. looking into expected plot times now.