What's needed in the Chia ecosystem

Just saw a post about the first NFT marketplace for Chia, which is great. We have Nucle, and I see multiple other lightweight wallets coming out soon.

Some obvious other things needed are a DEX, bridges to other chains, liquidity/yield farming protocls like Aave/Compound/Anchor/etc, and wrapped versions of assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum (not like the wrapped Chia on Eth (WXCH).

As these things start to come online and usage rises, then Layer 2 stuff should start being more needed. Luckily, can take most of the lessons learned from Arbitrum, Optimism, ZKSync2.0, etc and port that into Chialisp style.

What other things would make the Chia ecosystem start to come alive?
Just pontificating on interesting things that would make the overall ecosystem more fun, vibrant and full of value for all.